Differences Of Building Vs. Buying A High End PC

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Building Vs Buying a High End PC
“The pc has long provided the most sophisticated gaming platform. Compared to consoles, the PC boasts superior graphics, more detailed game play, better multiplayer functionality, and an all-around more flexible experience.” (Hale). One may ask why should I build one when I can just buy one. Building a computer is far better than buying one because it provides with more customization, It is exceptionally cheaper, and can be fun to do, especially if you have a friend to do it with.
Building a high end PC is cheaper than buying a prebuilt PC in many ways beside time (Hale). This is the number one reason why most people build their own computer besides customization. The reason it is cheaper than buying is you
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There are a vast variety of different brands to choose from like Corsair, Asus, Gigabyte, Amd, Nvidia, and more. The color scheme is also entirely up to personal preference. RGB lighting is an option on some pre built computers but not all and maybe it is not wanted in the build. RGB basically means any color that you want you can choose with a remote or a switch. Another thing is that most sites do not give an option to choose the case. The case is a very important factor when building a computer. Some sites like CyberPowerPC do provide the option to choose specific parts, but they are limited to only a curtain amount and they charge full price for most of the parts. Sometimes they have special deals but it is not hard to find a better deal on that same part without purchasing something else first. They also do not even have an option for colored lacing for you wires, or a custom liquid cooling loop.
Building a PC can be more reliable in many ways too. researching each specific part that is going to be in the build by looking at reviews for each one and the specs for each part. Reviews for each part of the computer that are bought prebuilt are not going to be displayed; The reviews for the whole computer are going to be displayed. Another reason building a computer is more reliable than buying one is getting the right price for each component that is going to be used. Companies will charge full price for every part and the price them

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