Differences Of Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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Religion - one of the few things that can either unite the people or divide them. Throughout history, religion, although it is known for kindness and love for others, has also been a well-known cause for war and hate. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are three religions known for obtaining this conflicting identity. These three religions all proclaim one major concept throughout their sacred texts: their God is the most powerful. Christianity and Judaism closely share certain aspects of their religion. They also share a sacred text - the Old Testament. It is questioned, “Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you - majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” (“Exodus 15:11”). This quotation serves as a rhetorical question. The worshippers of God are explaining that He is amazing in all He does; they believe that there could not possibly be another god who could reach His level. No other god could even begin to compare to their god and what He does. Christianity and Judaism are two religions in which “love thy neighbor” is a constant theme throughout their texts ("Mark 12:30-31"). However, Christians are more often heard of to discriminate and berate those who commit different sins, live different lifestyles, and harbor different religious beliefs. Some Christians, who believe that their god is the most powerful, also seem to believe they are superior to the followers of other religions and look down on them - allowing their view of God to dictate
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