Differences Of English Dialects

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Key issue 3 Understanding the ways dialect vary. Many people have wondered why, if we are in one country, why do a lot of people sound different. Each region has its own language by way of spelling, vocabulary, and pronounciation. This is called dialect. THe sub division of a dialect is called subdialect. English Dialects Serval hundred years ago, English speakers migrated and settled in North America which stated the development of dialects of the English language. Because of its widespread distribution and the large number of speakers, many dialects and subdialects were formed. Those most responsible for English becoming the most dominant language in the Western Hemisphere were the earliest colonists. In the 17th century, colonists from England settled along the Atlantic coast bringing the English language with them. Since it was already a dominant language, settlers from other countries made significant contributions to the American language and became acculturated into the English society. During the 18th and 19th century, the American and England English were isolated by the Atlantic Ocean causing them to evolve independently. Transmissions over long distances would not be available for another hundred years and very few residences could visit during this time. The English’s from each country differs in three significant ways; vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. Because of the discoveries of new objects and experiences of new things, the development of vocabulary
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