Differences Of Geert Hofstede Six Dimensions Of Cultures

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Every country has their way of thinking when it comes to working. Some country work and think differently from others. Using Geert Hofstede Six Dimension’s of Cultures, I’ll compare and contrast the differences between China and the United States on how they impact work relationships. The first dimension’s of cultures in Geert Hofstede is Power Distance. This dimension deals with the fact that all individuals in societies are not equal - it expresses the attitude of the cultures towards these inequalities amongst us (Hofstede, 2017). The differences between these two are that China in this dimension (Power Distance) scores an 80, while the United States scores a 40. China believes that inequalities amounts people are acceptable and…show more content…
In the American organizations, superiors are accessible and managers rely on individual employees and teams for their expertise (Hofstede, 2017). Communications is important and the American people look after themselves and their immediate families only and should not rely on authorities for support. American men’s don't like to develop deep friendships, but the Americans aren’t shy to approach another person when obtaining or seeking information. The Americans also believe that promotion and decisions are based on merit or evidence of what one has done or can do (Hofstede, 2017). Masculinity indicates that a high score indicates that the society will be driven by competition, achievement, and success, with success being defined by winner / best in the field - a value system that starts in school and continues throughout organizational life (Hofstede, 2017). A low score means that the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life. Also, it is the sign of success and standing out from the crowd is not admirable. This is the third dimension on Geert Hofstede Six Dimensions of Cultures. In this dimension, China scores a 66 while the United States scores a 62. China is a success oriented and driven society. Leisure time is not important to them as they will work hard just to provide for their family. Also in China, workers will leave
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