Differences Of Martin Luther King Jr.A Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Martin Luther King Jr. believed freedom was achievable through non-violent means. He also will not stop at just one area or state, he wants to free the whole nation. He believes that “…whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly “(King 175) and that anyone inside the United States should not be considered an outsider. The “white power” that the city has leaves the Negro community with no other options. MLK has a process for non-violent campaigns: a collection of facts to determine if injustice is real, Negotiation, Self-purification, and direct action. Birmingham is the most segregated city.
Malcolm X believes that the blacks should work together to earn their right to vote and if they do not receive that right they will become violent to show their tolerance has been reached. But he believes that the non-violent protests were not making a difference since anyone could just do nothing. And he goes a step further to say that civil rights are not the only problem, but human rights are too.
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had the best interest of African Americans, but they had very different approaches to obtaining their freedom. In Kings “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” he want’s blacks to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and have nonviolent protests to show that they will not just give up because they are beaten and how strong their will is to receive their freedom. While in Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or The Bullet”, X believes that Kings nonviolent

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