Differences Of Shakespeare And Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was a well known British writer who was known for the many plays and sonnets he wrote. This 16th century writer wrote a play called Much Ado About Nothing in the year 1598 (Alchin). This play consists of many characters meddling into each others lives, causing chaos, lots of drama, and even romance making for some very comedic entertainment. The title gives away a lot about the plot that it really is a lot about nothing. Shakespeare is regarded as a very influential writer in British literature and has been an inspiration for literature beyond his time. This play has been recreated for the cinema in many versions of film. One version of film in particular is by the director Kenneth Branagh in 1993 (IMDb). Both the Much…show more content…
There is two scenes in the film Much Ado About Nothing that there is actually live music played. The first scene is in the garden when Benedick is hiding trying to overhear Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio talk about how in love Beatrice is with Benedick. In the original play, the text says “[Enter BALTHASAR with Music]” as a stage cue (Shakespeare L.858). The second scene, is when Claudio is at the tomb of Hero saying his apology to her and praising her life. In the text, there is not a place that says “and now live music will be played" for the characters to enjoy. This was most likely an effect added to the film for that grand effect. Especially because it shows how dedicated Claudio is to Hero and making it right. In the play, there also is a difference from the film. In Act five, Claudio is trying to make the slander he accused Hero right. Claudio is at Hero’s tomb, saying an epitaph to her: “Done to death by slanderous tongues Was the Hero that here lies.Death, in guerdon of her wrongs, Gives her fame which never dies. So the life that died with shame lives in death with glorious fame” (Shakespeare L. 2510).

The play describes this happening early in the morning when the film has it in a scene that is pitch black outside, making it seem that it happened at night. The play and film of Much Ado About Nothing are bound to have differences but it’s nice to
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