Differences Of The Greek Gods And The Roman Gods

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Did you know that the greek gods and the roman gods are quite similar. The purpose of Mythology was to help explain everyday things like weather, death, love, etc. With Mythology there had to be gods that ruled and controlled those events. The Greeks developed their gods that were said to live on Mt. Olympus. The Romans also developed gods, whose name has have been incorporated into a lot of things, such as the names for the planets. Although the Romans developed gods, they took a significant amount of cultural and spiritual concepts from the greeks. They took some of the Greek god’s attributes, such as names, what they are god of, etc. Some of the gods that have similarities are Zeus and Jupiter; Poseidon and Neptune; and Hades and Pluto. Zeus and Jupiter were considered to be the “King of the gods”. Zeus is a Greek…show more content…
Hades is the Greek god who rules the underworld and also know as the god of wealth because he possessed the precious metal on the earth. Hades’ father is Kronos which means he is brothers with Zeus and Poseidon. Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and judge of the dead. Pluto’s father is Saturn which makes Neptune and Jupiter his brothers. He was first considered to be the giver of gold and silver since they were mined from the “Physical Underworld”. When Pluto became the god of the underworld it wasn’t considered to be a bad and dark place because the Romans believed that many good things came from the ground like crops, gold, and silver. Both of these god forced women into being their wives, Hades's being Persephone, and Pluto is Proserpina. Both Hades and Pluto are said to have a helmet that gives them invisibility. Hades is said to rarely leave the underworld. He has a throne made out of ebony and a three headed dog the protects the underworld. Pluto mode of transportation is a chariot pulled by 4 black horses. His main job is to welcome newly dead people into the
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