Differences Of The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire

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Ancient civilizations are the basis of the modern world and the first recorded and written accounts of our history on this earth doing more than just hunting or farming but communicating, building, creating hierarchies, government, ideas, arts. Early civilizations differ from each other drastic in their location, and therefore their development, and societal structures differ greatly because of their locations. In this essay I will compare and contrast the civilizations of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire. These empires are in many was similar to each other being they both rose to power around the same time in history. In roughly 202 B.C Liu Bang wins post-Qin civil wars, and becomes first emperor of Han dynasty. The Han Dynasty rose…show more content…
Praetors were set in charge of protecting the civil law. The main principles of law are to live uprightly and not to injure another man. The Roman society is based around two classes; the Plebeians who represent over ninety percent of the common population and the Patricians were descendants from the first three hundred senators seen as the elite class. The leaders of the society were the consuls and senate which created laws choose leaders, and lead military campaigns. The Roman economy was far less advanced and sophisticated as its famed government it was mainly agrarian, and slave based focused on feeding its people and more importantly its army. The conquest and subjugation of lesser kingdoms and territories was a major propone in Roman economics. The Roman republic as we know it was a revolutionary system that shaped politics and cultural norms for how citizens have a role in electing leaders as well as leader’s positions in the new political battle field that became the roman senate and counsels. The Roman republic made strives under its emperors to improve culture thru public works projects, expanded influence on France and England, changes in land ownership to smaller scales to benefit the state. However while some leaders like Augustus and Julius Caesar where strong others like Nero and Caligula were crazed and broken rulers who brought hard times upon Rome. Now Rome and the Han Dynasty were linked together through similar ideas
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