Differences between American and Chinese Business Values

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Each of the cultures is a set of beliefs, values and attitudes that shaped by local conditions and values based on the various sector of history, cultural issues, economics and politics, geographical and also personal characteristics and beliefs. In the other hand, globalization is overwhelming and spread tremendously through the world, individual in different countries starting to have similar tastes and preferences towards the products, yet, the business strategies and cultural issues are overlapping. Moreover, people possessed several of cultural senses and beliefs in views, opinions, and perhaps in decision making, that there will be more understanding and the ability to cope with different cultures. There are similarities between American and Chinese which is in business ethic values, assimilation of current cultures, punctuality, and consensus: 1. Business ethic values Ethical behavioural is which how a people act in a same way to define right and wrong with an indifferent situation. Even though American and Chinese obtain totally different cultures but there is a very similar in conducting ethic codes in business practices. Based on research, more than 94% of the American and Chinese against toward of unfollowed the company policy, illegal, bribe, and unethical issues. Besides, they have high sense of social responsibility and environmental conscious to create well-being to society. Both of the countries are profit and task orientated but just the degree matter
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