Differences between Formal Research and a Business Proposal

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Part 1: The Differences between Formal Research and a Business Proposal Formal research and business proposals may focus on researching the same problems and seek similar information, but they have different "overall goals, sections, purposes and uses" (Jane, 2011). Understanding the differences between the two can help a person be more effective in writing either a formal research proposal or a business proposal. For a research proposal, the goals tend to focus on "finding specific information or data that can help the business make better decisions, whether it is for the budget, market or customers" (Jane, 2011). The research proposal has different sections than a normal business proposal. The research proposal normally begins with an abstract and is in APA format (PRISM, Unk.). Moreover, the ideas in a research proposal tend to be based on other research and draws its information from other scholarly literature, preferably studies that have been subject o peer review(PRISM, Unk.). It has an introduction and a conclusion. The problem in a research project is carefully famed, "as a potential contribution to scholarly research" (PRISM, Unk.). Furthermore, the research question is going to be stated in a way that is conducive to research and allows for the easy identification of the independent and dependent variables (PRISM, Unk.). It also generally has a methods section, which is not usually part of a business proposal. The methods section will be qualitative,

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