Differences between India and Kuwait

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1.0 Introduction: This report studies and describes the customs, beliefs, values, cultures and legislations of two countries which are Kuwait and India. According to this information about the two countries, this report is discussing how an organization would be able to employ them on making decisions on types of products or services that could market in these countries, the perfect way to market the product and services, pricing strategy and segmentation, and finally, how the people of those two countries react towards the product. 1.0 Differences of India and Kuwait: 2.1 Customs: Kuwait India Greetings Handshakes between members of the same sex. Greet the eldest first. Weddings The groom wears a Thobe and a Besht. The groom wears a dhoti or sherwani Dining There is often a great deal of socializing and small talk before the meal. • You will be asked again and again.. Greetings in Kuwait are quite different from greetings in India. In Kuwait, handshakes must be only between members of the same gender. In India, it is a must to greet to eldest or the most senior person first. Weddings customs are very different between the two countries. In Kuwait, the groom wears a thobe and a besht. A thobe is a wide white cotton robe. It has a narrow central front opening and long sleeves. A besht is a cloak made of wool or soft spun fluff.In India, the groom wears a dhoti or sherwani which also has a lot of subtle but intricate embroidery. The colour of dhoti or sherwani is
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