Differences between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya Essay

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Subject: Differences between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya
Analytical Summary
This report analyses the differences between the leadership of Virgin Group’s Founder Richard Branson and UB Group’s Chairman Vijay Mallya. The two leaders operate in a wide range of industries, and live very public lifestyles, promoting both themselves and their companies through their activities. This is done with a view to determine which leadership style is better suited to the environment they are operating in, and what qualities leaders must possess to be successful. The analysis, covering the background, business ideologies, leadership style and public persona of these leaders, shows Richard Branson is clearly the better leader of the two.
Terms of
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Promotion Activities and Public Perception – Brand promotion activities and perception of general public towards the leaders
6. Business Performance – Success or Failure of business under each leader
The report also relies on first-hand information where it is available, such as autobiographies written and interviews given by the personalities.
Richard Branson is from a middle-class background. With no family connection to any of the businesses he has undertaken, he achieved success with Virgin Records, founding the Virgin Group from scratch after failing with various ventures previously.
Vijay Mallya succeeded his father Vittal Mallya at the helm of the UB Group, and is responsible for increasing the size of the business significantly by growing the core business of the Group (liquor sales) as well as expanding it across other businesses, such as aviation, Formula 1, cricket, etc.
Business Role
Both Branson and Mallya currently serve as the Chairmen of their respective holding groups. Branson being the founder, and Mallya the son of the founder, both are responsible for shaping the strategy of their businesses, such as ventures to invest in, business expansion, launch of new products or services, etc. They are not involved with the day-to-day decision making processes of the organisation, as both Virgin Group and UB Group have a different CEO/President in charge of that.
Business Ideology
According to TV Mahalingam
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