Differences between internal and external recruitment.

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The recruitment and selection processes are often seen as one single action. However, two processes are involved. Recruitment is the overall process whereby companies employ staff to fill available or new positions whereas the selection process includes a series of actions to best identify the most suitable candidate for the specific vacant post. Some of the main goals and objectives of the recruitment and selection process are to ensure that all recruitment and selection procedures meet the terms of the equal opportunities policies. If the selection process is used inappropriately it may have the potential to discriminate against certain groups such as young/old, gender, people with disabilities, etc. The process should also ensure that…show more content…
Internal recruitment can be cost effective as it makes the most of existing talent who have had first hand experience within the companies systems and procedures. In addition, it could raise staff moral. Although there can also be disadvantages if the company has a limited number of potential candidates as it does not allow you the opportunity to bring in new people with new skills. Moreover if an internal employee is the choice the company will still have to recruit a replacement. Press advertising can create quick responses and it also reaches a wide range of possible applicants actively looking for a new job. However this method can be expensive and it may attract too many candidates who are not in your chosen division. Using recruitment agencies can save a lot of time and money, as they will advertise shortlist and interview. This method can also be quicker than others as the company has access to the agency 's database of potential candidates. On the other hand, recruitment agencies can be very expensive, they may not understand exactly what the company requires and they may use limited selection methods as recruitment consultants ' skills can vary. Using the Internet can shorten the recruitment cycle and can also be cheap depending on the site the company chooses, some companies list vacancies for posts on their own websites. The Internet can reach a wide range of applicants 24 hours per day. The job center can be a low cost
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