Differences between the Human Male and Female

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Although the disparities is undeniable, factors that cause these differences are still a controversial topic as to whether they are caused by biologically or because of the social perception placed on the two genders. In this paper, I will try to analyze the differences between male and female in: physical strength, cognitive ability, communication and mating and suggest some daily and administrative application of these dissimilarities.
Physical strength is among the most visible differences between sexes, which is mainly caused by biological factors rather than social ones. Male and female are dissimilar in appearance, athletic ability and longevity. Sex hormones account for most of the differences in appearance (breasts and wider hips in women) and athletic ability. Research show that testosterone gives men the ability to build larger muscles and larger hearts. It also supports the production of red blood cells, which increase the absorption of oxygen and provide men with an even greater athletic advantage. Another causal factor is related to the importance of the X chromosome, of which women have two while men have only one. A research at Stanford University in 1985 showed that there is a gene important to DNA repair on the X chromosome. Because women have two X chromosomes, if she has an abnormal gene on one, her body can still use the…
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