Differences in Babies Born in Africa and Those Born in Japan

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Every country, every state and even every city has its own culture. The history of every country allows people to adopt some particular traditions and customs. People from an urban city cannot have the same customs from a person who lives in the rural area because most of the things are different like technology, transportation, environment, etc. Well let's see how a life of a baby in Africa between a baby in Japan are different. Babies in Africa versus babies in Japan have different life styles, but the one the concerns me the most is safety. When we think about safety, we think about parents taking care of babies at all times. Also we think about cribs, clean and secure houses, and regularly checkups with the doctor. The general idea is a risk less environment. These things fit to Japanese babies, but it does not apply for African babies. In Africa, babies are taken care by their mothers as well, but most of the time they are by themselves trying to get some attention. They do not have nice beds. They sleep, eat and play on the dirt ground, and they do not have clothes. Instead of having strong houses, Africans have weak, hand-made huts of sticks because it is the only material they can afford, and in these houses, predators can easily attack them. Safety is really necessary in all aspects, but it has not to be the same in all countries, that is why each person takes its own…
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