Essay on Differences in Competencies in ADN and BSN Degrees

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Differences in Competencies in ADN and BSN degrees.

Education has a strong outcome on everyone, and nursing is a profession that makes sure that everyone that is being called a nurse goes through the best kind of education that is available. Nursing helps to nurture human by providing humane services for all. There are different levels of education in nursing; an associate’s degree, a baccalaureate degree, master’s degree and so on. So it is very important to understand the differences between all these degrees since each certified nursing program carries educational and professional requirements that are expected to be carried out. The following paragraphs are going to explain the differences in competencies between nurses that are
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The differences can be seen when looking at the responsibilities of these two degrees. For example: “the associates degree graduates are expected to provide safe bedside care to clients with defined and predictable health problems” (Creaisa and Friberg, 2011, pg.26), while nurses with their baccalaureate degrees are expected to treat patients with complicated and unpredictable problems. Another difference between the associate’s degree holders and the baccalaureate degree is that once these graduates get to their workplaces, the ones with the baccalaureate degree are expected to display leadership skills such as teaching and also to focus on the need of not just the patient but also the patient’s families and communities. Like Linda Moore Rosen explains “ADN can assess needs, plan interventions, implement care, and perform evaluations with individuals and families under the supervision of a nurse prepared with a BSN or MSN” (Rosen, 2000, p.236). Baccalaureate nursing practices include working in unstructured settings with little or no kind of established procedures, while associate nursing practices only include secure setting with established procedures.
Usually in baccalaureate programs the students are taught “some critical care nursing content” (McIntosh, Duske, Anderson, Hill,2008, pg.330) while the associate programs didn’t provide any kind of critical care nursing lessons, so
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