Differences in Organizational Strategies in Asia, Europe, and the USA

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Organizational strategy can be defined by examining: the analysis of the strategy, the choice of strategies and the realization of strategies. The analysis of the strategy: the process begins with the definition of the mission and the long-term objectives of the company. Any choice has to predict its future evolution and continuously follow the undergoing of the process. The analysis of the strategy points out: what is or what should be the strategic position of the company towards the competing companies and the environment; decides the actions for achieving company’s goals and the relative times; chooses between the many options that present themselves; which competences and resources does the company have and how they can help to get …show more content…
Today enterprises are more and more aware that their business success does not depend only on a strategy of maximizing short-term profits, but on protecting the environment and on promoting their social responsibility, including the interests of consumers. In a recent book by business and public policy consultant Adrienne von Tunzelmann called “Social Responsibility and the Company: A New Perspective on Governance, Strategy and the Community”, Ms.Tunzelmann argues that it is not necessary to suppose that companies face an inherent conflict in the choice between the pursuit of commercial success and contributing to the goals of society and the community in which they operate. She suggests that incorporating CSR policy into business strategy offers a number of advantages. It may, for example: be a way of motivating and building pride in employees and managers, contribute to the development of a “healthier” community, assist in identifying new markets, allow differentiation from competitors, maintain public confidence in the legitimacy of business operations, encourage a climate of trust and goodwill etc.
Another important factor in an organizational strategy is the corporate values of a company. Values can be defined as “a corporation’s institutional standards of behavior.” Generally, companies articulate a set of corporate values and
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