Differences in Society During the Middle Ages Essay

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During the Middle Ages, medicine was limited. This was very critical because in 1348-1350 the Black Death killed millions, nearly one third of the population. Physicians had no idea what was causing the diseases or how to stop them. The Catholic Church told its people the illness was punishment from God for their sins. Some of the only things doctors knew how to do was let blood by using leeches, and mix ‘medicines’ using herbs, spices, and resins. Other medicine was administered by drinks, ointments, poultices, baths, and purges.
One hundred years later, when Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, many scholars moved to Italy, where they freely exchanged ideas. With them they brought their libraries of books, giving European scholars …show more content…

In the Renaissance time, there was not barbers and surgeons as we know them today. Barber surgeons could be found in most medieval towns and, as well as cutting hair, were also known for small surgical procedures. A regular surgeon however, tended to be known by reputation as much as qualification. Barber surgeons also happened to be more common because all you would need is an apprenticeship to be eligible to do the job, but if you were a surgeon, you could be in school for 10 years! Once you were done with all that schooling, many times if you were successful, royal and noble families would call upon you. A barber surgeon handled all of the minor surgeries, and even some of the major ones if the people were too poor to see a surgeon. Some of the things barber surgeons did were cut hair, pull teeth, blood letting to keep you in good health, and remove swords, knives, and arrows from battles. They were not well educated and had a high mortality rate because they did not understand how some of the books they read by well renowned physicians could be wrong in their practices so many people did not have surgery at all because of all the risk. The barber surgeons are like our modern day minuteclinic because they can treat minor things but will send you to a real doctor if they think it is major. Whereas some of the things a surgeon does is caesarean births, bone settings, removing kidney stones, cataract surgery, and trauma

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