Differences in the Treatment of Native Americans by the French and British

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England and France are countries that engaged in wars in North America. Both countries are important to the history of America. They differed in their objectives in America and they differed in their treatment of the Native Americans. The objectives of each respective country as well as the social, political, economic, and cultural tensions of the time served as a backdrop and a contributing factor to the variations in the relationships with the Native Americans as well as in the treatment of the people. Europeans experienced a great deal of culture shock upon their arrival to what would later be the colonies and then the sates. There were many differences with particular regard to gender roles. Women took a much more active and equal role in society than in the European cultures of the time. The Europeans also perceived the Indians with fear and contempt. Many of the culturally conservative Europeans perceived the Indians as heathens and as barbaric. These initial feelings and perceptions influenced how an entire ethnicity of people treated another whole group of people. Many of the British…
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