Differences of Private and Public Language Essay

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Hanyong Na Michaela Vargas English 120-8669 7 October, 2012 Differences of Private and Public Language “I remember to start with that day in Sacramento when I first entered a classroom, able to understand some fifty stray English words” (Rodriguez 535). Richard Rodriguez, who is the author of the essay “Private Language, Public Language”, introduces how he was raised and lived as well as how he felt growing up in the States as an immigrant family. After reading the Rodriguez’s essay, there are several points as well as the experiences that I was able to relate, perhaps because I share a similar background as the writer himself. Language as he says is separated by “Just opening or closing the screen door” (Rodriguez 537), the…show more content…
His personality also changes when he is in public with stranger, which is a non-family member. “Walking down the sidewalk, under the canopy of talk trees, I’d warily notice the suddenly silent neighborhood kids who stood warily watching me” (Rodriguez 537). Rodriguez was not the only one who did not have the confidence and felt comfortable in English. “In public, my father and mother spoke hesitant, accented, not always grammatical English” (Rodriguez 536). They were not ashamed of where they came from but because they were well aware of the fact that they did not sound like gringos. Their voice and the tones were lower compared to when they spoke in Spanish. “I was unable to hear my own sounds, but I know very well that I spoke English poorly” (Rodriguez 536). He was never too embarrassed about how his parents did not speak English fluently because they went about with their life very well and coped with their issues on their own. However, he could not hide the fact that he got nervous when he was at presence with his father. “Hearing them, I’d grow nervous, my clutching trust in their protection and power weakened” (Rodriguez, 537). “The very first chance that I got, I evaded his grasp and ran on ahead into the dark, skipping with feigned boyish exuberance” (Rodriguez 537). On the other hand, the situation completely changes when his family is at home and being
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