Differences of Today's Modern Society Women, Marriage, Employment, Residence and Education with that of the 16th Century

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This essay will compare the differences of today’s modern society women, marriage, employment, residence and education with that of the 16th Century. In the 16th century women were not allowed to work as lawyers, doctors or teachers. They were allowed to be employed as trade or skilled workers even though there was a law called The Statue of Artificers. This law made it illegal to employ anyone in a trade unless they served seven years as an apprentice. This was because male members of the guilds (those who regulated trade) were allowed to employ their wives in their workshops. Women mostly held menial and low paying jobs such as shoemakers, embroiders, wash women, bakers, brewers, domestic servants and midwives. If women did not work they were housewives because their husbands found it difficult to run the family farm or business without their assistance. The family home was mostly ran by the wife. She was responsible for baking bread, curing bacon, salting meat and making jellies. She also made the families soap, linens and clothing. In addition, she milked the cows, fed the animals and kept a garden. The wife was also supposed to know about medicine and illnesses in order to treat her family. Rich women supervised servants and took care of their husbands business finances. They also enjoyed hunting and playing cards. During the 16th century most girls did not go to school. Some were taught at home and some only learned the basics, such as reading, writing and
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