Different Approaches For Preparing Children

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Different Approaches for Preparing Children As far as time goes back, there has always been differences within cultures. From the different kinds of foods we enjoy to how we like to spend our past times. A main culture difference within the world of today is how we choose to raise our children. A Yale law professor under the name of Amy Chua has written a bestselling book called “Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother.” Her book includes detailed descriptions on her reasons why Chinese mothers are superior and follows it up with the strict rules she lies on her children. Some of those include not being able to attend a sleep over, have a playdate, watch TV, play computer games and get any grade less than an A. She then uses the rest of her paper to talk about the differences between Chinese parenting and Western parenting. Chua was unknown to most of the world until her piece was published in the Wall Street Journal, which caused a big stir within the world. Many readers were taken back by her piece of writing, but others appraised her for shutting down the trend of parents trying to be best friends with their children. The main differences between Western and Chinese parenting is the different approaches to parenting, preparation to be competitive in the future market, and the amount of controversies between the two styles.
As you all know, Chinese parenting and Western parenting come with some very key differences between each other. When it comes to the academic sides of both…
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