Different Approaches For Uk Manufacturers

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Two approaches for UK manufacturers in value-added process Abstract: Nowadays economy globalization and information integration are the main trends of development. Manufacturing activities become dispersed across geographical and organizational boundaries. However, UK manufacturing performance has been weaker than it used to be in recent years. It is essential for UK manufacturers to broaden their perception of manufacturing beyond production and deliver high value to countries, stakeholders and themselves. This essay mainly discusses about the problem emerges in UK manufacturing and provides two approaches with several examples for UK manufacturers in order to increase their financial, strategic and social value. It can also provide reasonable guidance for UK manufacturers in creating and capturing value in global business networks effectively through outcome driven supply chain. Keywords: high value-added manufacturing; offshoring & reshoring; additive manufacturing 1. Introduction As the birthplace of the world industrial revolution, UK has been a traditional and global manufacturing power. The value of output in UK every year is more than£150 billion, which accounts to 13% of GDP. Furthermore, UK manufacturing ranks first in Europe in attracting foreign direct investment, which is next only to the United States in western countries (He, 2011). However, according to the data from The World Bank (Figure 1), UK manufacturing performance has been weaker than its
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