Different Approaches Of Teaching Second Language

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Throughout history, different approaches of teaching second language have been developed. These approaches have been adopted by some and criticized by others. Nobody has ever agreed on a certain approach to be the best or the worst. Language teaching methods mainly refer to the approaches that the teacher adopts and the materials used by the teacher to facilitate the process of learning. The methods of language teaching have been prioritized according to the main skills in any target language which are listening, writing, speaking and reading. In this essay, we will highlight two of the teaching approaches and the advantages and the disadvantages of each:
1. Grammar-Translation Method
2. The Direct Method

Grammar – Translation Method: This method is the traditional method and it has been adopted mainly to teach dead languages like Latin. This method has been applied by many teachers because it is easy for them as it does not require the teacher to be a good speaker of the second language and the text books are the main aids. The main concern in grammar – translation method as its name suggests is to teach the grammar rules of the second language and the students have to memorize a lot of vocabulary words with their meaning in the native language. In this method classes are taught in the native language with a little use of the second language. This method focuses only on the reading and the writing skills as the students
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