Different Aspects Of Life

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Over the past weeks or so I have read two very informative articles that gave me insight on many different aspects of life. While both passages had their own point to get across, Prensky focused on then and now on technology, while Enlightened Engineer based their beliefs on meditation worldwide. Similar themes where brought to my attention that I feel would be great for anyone to read and be informed on. From my interpretation of the passage, Digital Natives Digital Immigrants there was a passage that reflected on how older learners (the digital immigrants) always take in new information but still keep in mind that old roots of their past. An example they gave was how people such as, our moms or dads turn to the internet for information as a second resource rather than a first resource. Unlike the new generation now (the digital natives) that’s our first source of information that we turn to. Whereas from the Enlightened Engineer I chose the passage where the author discussed the different functioning tools used on social networks such as Facebook to personalize things to their own comfort. Examples of this would be status updates, post updates or pictures. In similar fashion I would say that the two passages that I chose share a common theme that I feel the author was trying to convey to the audience. Based off my understanding I would say that would be how the use of technology has an effect on people through different aspects. Both have issues that revolve around
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