Different Aspects Of Management Styles

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My mother is from the Caribbean and my father is from the United Kingdom. I have lived, been educated and worked in both of these parts of the world and have had to learn the nuances of both cultures and quickly adapt in order to fit in and to be taken seriously, especially in a work environment. This paper details my observances and experiences of different aspects of management styles of both regions and includes information from an analysis on management and culture in the English-speaking Caribbean that was published in the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies.

I completed the last two years of high school 20 years ago at a school in the Caribbean, having lived in Germany previously. The style of teaching and the way people learned was very different from what I was used to. There was a lot of what I call parrot fashioned learning, with the teacher churning out information and the students writing it down and then cramming it to memory in preparation for an exam. After the exam, when the information had served its purpose, it could be erased from one’s mind. Students were not taught to think for themselves or to question what they were being taught. I believe that this style of teaching and learning contributes to the practices of management in the Caribbean.

In analysis of interviews of senior managers (SMs) in the English-speaking Caribbean, Punnett, Dick-Forde and Robinson (2006) found that all respondents felt employees could work hard, but needed to be pushed.…
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