Different Aspects Of Organizational Perception Essay

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As the marketplace has grown and competition has increased, organizations have become more holistic organisms. External operations, like public relations, marketing, and strategic planning, and internal operations, such as human resources, production, and accounting, use to be distinct entities. In current day organizations, however, these entities have been forced to work together as customer service has become the emphasis of an organization. External and internal operations are now blended, which has brought about a need to combine marketing studies with organizational theory (Hatch & Schultz, 1997). This marriage between marketing theory and organizational theory has sparked an interest in image, identity, and reputation management. Each of theses three concepts offers a unique perspective on different aspects of organizational perception, but each concept also influences the other. It is the goal of this paper to examine the concepts and how they relate to the sport management field. First, key ideas in each of the three concepts will be explored and their relationship to sport. Next, the interrelationships between the concepts will be examined. Finally, the strengths and weakness of image, identity, and reputation literature will be considered in addition to suggestions for future research.

Image The explanation of image has evolved over the years and taken on different meanings depending on the perspective of literature scholars have taken. Gotsi and Wilson

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