Different Aspects Of School Involvement Towards Health And Wellness Essay

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Different aspects of school involvement towards health and wellness has long been thought to influence students. Research argues that health promoting lifestyle activities maintain or improve individual’s health and wellness (reference). Researchers suggest that health promotion includes a process of empowerment of the community to act on the improvement of their life and health qualities (research) A closer look into a healthy lifestyle begins at childhood. Healthy lunches promote physical activity and healthy diets. School lunches need to have nutritional value and a well-balanced nutrition scale including fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. Recess enhances health and academic benefits. Recess involves more than just stimulating indoor activities, but also simply thirty minutes of exercise outside. Moreover, the healthy lifestyle needs promotion by an authoritative figure or institution. Many students rely on teachers, principals, nurses, etc. to teach them the essentials of health because parents may lack the knowledge to do so. In a school setting, health promotion entails providing students with educational courses, activities, school lunches, and recess. All of these factors contribute immensely to the balance of a student’s life. Control must be given to the student to allow them to improve their health and cause a rise in awareness. The purpose of this study evaluates the methods that public and private middle schools in the Athens metro area distribute

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