Different Aspects Of The Patient 's Clinical Presentation

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The medical laboratory is a highly complex entity that is mainly broken down into four major departments and several smaller departments. The main four departments consist of chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and transfusion services. The smaller departments include specimen collection, processing and send outs, urinalysis and coagulation studies. There are also several up and coming departments that are becoming a more intricate part of the laboratory such as molecular and flow cytometry which will be discussed later in this paper. These departments work together by analyzing different aspects of the patient’s clinical presentation which all come together in the patient’s diagnosis. The methods and instrumentation in which these…show more content…
The white blood cells can also be identified which also helps explain a patient’s symptoms such as allergies or a bacterial infection. Lastly, the platelets can show if the patient is prone to bleeding or has bone marrow issues occurring. In addition to analyzing the patient’s blood they also look at the patient’s sterile body fluid. In the sterile body fluid, they are looking for the same three cell lines as in the blood, but in much smaller amounts. The analysis of the blood and body fluids are mostly done through an analyzer in which the medical technologist must be able to correlate the results. If the results do not make sense, they are then expected to analyze the blood manually via a direct smear under a microscope. Microbiology, is a rapidly changing department that is responsible for the identification of an infection and to perform test to determine the best drug treatment possible for the patient. The different infections that this department can identify include bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic. The method in which they can identify them can be as simple as growing the organism out on a plate or cell culture to the usage of genetic testing. It is because of this major variation in testing, that has caused this department to be reshaped in recent years since they can now identify an organism in hour in which used to take several days. With these changes a new

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