Different Aspects Of Time Series Design

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The objective of this report is to describe different aspects of Time Series Designs which include the purpose, phase, and data interpretation through the utilization of graphs. Further, two models, the Multiple-Baseline Design and the Alternating Treatment Design will be presented through an overview, considerations and, the advantages and the disadvantages of each model. Finally, the unique characteristics of the Time Series Design versus the Experimental and Predictive Designs will be discussed in a short synopsis.
Principles of Time Series Designs
Purpose of Design
The purpose of time series design is simple, yet its complexity can be perplexing due to a series of essential factors necessary which ensure the study adheres to certain
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However, Renfro-Michelin and his colleagues posit that to ensure a reliable and valid behavioral change, the study must follow three guiding principles such as prediction, verification and replication and focus on the dependent and independent variables (2010). In the case of the group being studied for behavioral changes, the dependent variable focuses on the groups eating habits and the independent variable is the actual treatment that impacts the dependent variable. To further target the issue of the dependent variable, the researcher can monitor the variable in terms of duration, latency, and ratio (Renfro-Michel et al., 2010). For instance, how many words can a student type while he is in class? How long does it take for him to type those words? In terms of latency, the researcher can focus on diabetics’ initial dose of insulin and when the patient’s symptoms begin to subside or glucose levels begin to level off. Finally, while the dependent variable or, the targeted behavior can be measured in different manners, measurements in terms of percentage appear more concrete.
Phases of Time Series Designs
Base-line phase. The baseline phase in time series design is the measurement standard against which subsequent fluctuations or adjustments will impact the study; baseline can be shown in a graph
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