Different Aspects Of True Love

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Different aspects of true Love
Thus is the nature of love: that you must use it! A love unused is not love! If it is something that sits on the shelf that you don 't know what to do with, it is not true to the nature of love! Use love!” by C. JoyBell C. According to this quote love is something that you have to use it when you have in your life but the understanding of true love is different for everyone. It depends on the situation what someone is suffering. “Desperate characters” and “What we talk about when we talk about love” is presenting the nature of love in a different way. Which is complicated. The story of “Girl” is also revealed a loving relationship of mother and daughter which is different than above two stories.

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The discussion started by this argument that how can Ed; Terri’s boyfriend loved her if he wanted to kill her. But Terri kept repeating that Ed loved me, other than Terri everyone else couldn’t give any better example of love. Instead Nick and Laura expressed their love by their physical expression, touching each other’s hands and saying that Love is absolute. But Mel is the only person who expressed most of his thoughts while talking but he is the one who has less knowledge about love. Mel is trying to explain love by words but he couldn’t transfer his emotions into words which is difficult to do. Terri was the only one who could explain why she says Ed loved her and died for love. They all were drinking and the sun light is the symbol of the depth of their discussion. As the light goes brighter they are on the peak of their topic but as soon the light goes dark their discussion become confusing and blurry. The bottle of Gin is somehow controlling their discussion as Mel said at the end that lets finish it first and as soon they finished they are quite and the topic of love is over.
As compare with the story of Desperate Characters, Sophie and Otto is a life of a couple who have no children and they are in their middle age. This is the story of a broken marriage, depression and unfaithfulness. Sophie is a housewife and she has an affair with a guy name
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