Different Backgrounds May Use And / Or Interpret Communication Methods

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People from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways because every family has their own way of communicating together. For example: some children might hear or speak more than one language at home or they could hear others swearing. This can affect children’s communication and how they communicate as adults.
People could live in the same country but still have a language barrier, this could be because they may be from a different region. For example: Britain i.e. Bristol, Essex or Glasgow. People from a different region may use the same word but can have a different meaning known as “slang”. When talking to someone, we must use the correct intonation (gestures and body language) so that others know that we are friendly towards them and show that we’re listening.

At times extra support can be needed to be able to have a meaningful communication with a child or adult to meet their needs. These can include:
Translation and interpreting services - A translator is a person who translates from one language into another. They facilitate written communication which is helpful if a parent wants to show something that is written in their language. An interpreter a person who interprets, especially one who translates speech orally or into sign language.
Speech and language services - Speech and language services help people all ages from babies to elderly people with their communication. They can provide any suggestions…
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