Different Beliefs from William Golding and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Lord of the Flies

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Rousseau’s view is that a male being is pure, but later ruined by society and its entire entity. Golding’s belief is that a male always has an evil source and/or opening within them and the problem continues to get worse as time evolves. Golding also believes that without a strict series of rules a male being is mentally and naturalistically unstable. Golding displays his belief in his book “Lord of the Flies” as Rousseau displays his belief in various books of his own liking. Jean Jacques Rousseau was well respected philosopher in the 1700’s who was well respected by many other people. Rousseau’s beliefs are that the male being is corrupted by society itself. In my opinion he is saying that if we didn’t have a strict set of rules and we just let the male being come into our world , then they would be pure forever. In my opinion, this specific idea frightens me because it seems like he is just trying to make chaos and unstableness. Jean- Jacques Rousseaus had also lived during the enlightenment period. The enlightenment period consisted of new philosophy consisting of sayings, meanings, views, and new economic ideas. Since the period he lived in consisted of a stable good community, perhaps that is why he obtains his philosophy, that the typical male being is truly pure and controlled.
William Golding believes that man kind…
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