Different Branches Of Personality Theories

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Different Branches in Personality Theories In this essay I will introduce you to my dad, Ghazi, whom I have lived my entire life with. He is my dad, my best friend and my teacher. I feel that my dad is a good selection for this study because he has been through a lot in life. He lived his childhood suffering from his parents’ bad relationship. My dad spent his adult hood serving in the army, and fighting cancer. He has had a lot of experiences with family members and society that have changed his reactions and the way he looks at different things in life. He has learned a lot from life, and he is just the perfect sample for this study. Humanistic theory is a branch of the personality theories. It says that individuals have free will. And we can actively develop ourselves to our highest potential and reach self-actualization. It focuses on the conscious, and it also says that people are inherently good and that we are self-motivated to improve. Maslow said that we must first fulfill our physiological need to form our base of the pyramid to be able to work our way up the pyramid. And then we need to fulfill our needs for safety, love and self-esteem before self-actualization can be achieved. It sounds easy but can’t easily reach our self-actualization. There are a few characteristics of self-actualize people. They must be self-aware, loving, caring and wise. They focus their energy on tasks that are the missions of their life, and they have a higher purpose that focus on
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