Different Career Paths And How My Personality And Values Align With My Future Goals

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“Curious about possibilities, INFPs enjoy all sorts of creative endeavors”. According to the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator test, this is just one of the things that describe my personality. It is difficult to describe a person off of a set of algorithms. However, tests like the MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory help pave a pathway to beginning to understand yourself. The results from both tests amplified a lot of what I already knew about myself and also offered new insights. Currently I am trying to decide between different career paths and these tests aid in making the choice. Finally, the values and interests that arise from both tests closely align with the types of jobs I want to have but also offered new jobs to consider. This class helped me understand who I am according to the tests, the career path I would like to take, and how my personality and values align with my future goals. The Strong Interest Inventory analyzed my interests and gave me the theme of Social. The test highlighted many interests that are prevalent to me. For example, it states that I enjoy people, teamwork, helping and community service. I am a theater and community major with an applied psychology minor. One of the main reasons I chose this major is because it aligns with all those aspects. Theater involves people, teamwork, and community service while applied psychology helps me learn the skills to help others in any context. The Strong said that work activities I enjoy are teaching,
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