Different Communication Styles Among Genders in Spain and Asian Countries

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Spanish Culture 1. Identify the different communication styles among genders. The different communication styles range from very relaxed to very formal, depending upon the age and status of a person. However, in the Spanish culture there is not much differentiation between the genders in relaxed social atmospheres, though the culture does tend to be male dominant. 2. What are the cultural norms of communication? The cultural norms of communication in Spanish culture vary from speaking very freely, to shaking hands and even hugging each other, and this happens with both genders. Furthermore, the culture is very family-oriented, which can aid communication between genders, as well as expand the normal communication norms. 3. How does the culture view communication among genders? Communication among genders, as aforementioned, is not very structured, and males and females usually speak freely to one another without any rules or constraints. However, since the society is male dominated, there are some incidents in which males can assert power, at which a strong female response is seen as normal. 4. What conflicts or miss-communications might occur? Despite the relative ease of communication in Spanish culture, there is always the potential for miscommunication. For instance, the need to speak up in Spanish culture, or to speak one's mind, can lead to one's personality and statement being interpreted very differently by various individuals. Those not used with the fast pace

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