Different Communities Require Different Types Of Healthcare Services

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Different communities require different types of healthcare services. The vulnerable population requires proper medical attention coupled with other intervention programs to revert catastrophic outcomes. People living in relatively poor conditions tend to have an increased propensity of developing some types of illnesses that are unavailable through proper hygiene and medical care. However, the affordability of drugs and other basic needs within these communities may prove hard due to the high poverty level. Description of the Vulnerable Population & Rationale for Needing Assistance The selected vulnerable population for this analysis are the people living in the small township of Marion in Alabama. Marion community is a relatively neglected township, with a large population in this region languishing in abject poverty. Many can barely afford to put bread on the table. The houses that the population lives in are favelas and semi-permanent in nature. The situation in Marion in rural Alabama is worsened by perpetual lack of jobs. In some cases, people are forced to borrow food and other necessities. Marion township has no hospital and people depend on a handful of clinics. The available clinics can only handle a limited number of medical procedures since they lack proper treatment equipment and other medical supplies. Marion township has in recent months experienced a tuberculosis outbreak that spread like wildfire (Blinder, 2016 & Lucas, 2016). At the inception of the
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