Different Creation Views Among Native Americans and Europeans

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The Native Americans and Europeans had many influences that affected their outlook when they first encountered one another. These influences have different stories and views that pertain to the origin of life and how the earth was created. For example the Native Americans had stories that were passed down from generations that would be reshaped in different tellings. On the contrary the European Christians obtained their stories from books that had been written in earlier years such as the bible and Aristotle’s work. Despite their differences all of their beliefs were affected by the accounts which then made their encounter with each other and the relationship with human beings. The creation story in Aristotle’s views affected the …show more content…
The relationship of men and women by one another was greatly influenced when Natives and Europeans encountered each other. From these stories men are in higher position than women for example God was a man who created the entire earth. In the previous creation stories “A women who fell from the sky” her father the chief was in charge of heaven who was also a man and then in “Ramon Pane” there was four men left who were not exposed to the sun and were left to continue man kind. Although the stories told by the Native Americans had a man or men being the start of the earth or creation they did have a woman helping in some parts. As in the Europeans story only God being a man created everything. This could affect the way the Europeans and Native Americans treated each other in there first encounter because the Europeans had men in charge of things and the woman did what they were told or what benefited the men. As in the Native culture the men were still in charge but the women had more responsibility and were used more. Both of these cultures would have thought the others were unusual and this would affect the way they would interact. The most affected part of the encounter between the Europeans and Native Americans would be the relationship between different groups of human beings. This relationship would be affected because of
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