Different Cultures And Religions Of The Field Of Nursing

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In the field of nursing, there are many different cultures and religions that can affect the way that a patient may want to receive care. Some groups may also wish to use certain alternative therapies that may differ from those that Western health care workers are more familiar with, and the nurse should be willing to learn about the method that a person of a different culture may wish to use. There are also some alternative therapies that can be used in conjunction with American medicine and are encouraged by health care providers to more effectively treat a patient’s condition. These different cultures and methods will be discussed and show how the nurse can effectively manage the care of a patient wishing for an alternative therapy while still maintaining a safe practice. There are several different terms related to the use of alternative therapies that need to be defined so that the nurse will better understand what alternative therapy is being used and why it was chosen. The term conventional medicine refers to the type of medical treatment that is used in America. It may also be referred to as allopathy, Western medicine, regular medicine, mainstream medicine, and biomedicine. Alternative therapy, also known as complementary therapy, is a form of treatment that is used to supplement conventional medicine. (Bare, 2009, p.114). Complementary therapy has many different categories in which the different types of therapies may be classified under. The first type of the
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