Different Cultures Around The World

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There are many cultures around the world, each with a unique set of characteristics. For example, I identify myself as a Korean-American. Education and family is valued over the individual. We hold the superstition that shaking one’s leg means shaking away one’s luck. As a Korean-American, we believe that our elders should be respected. For example, when we see an elder, we bow and say hello. Birthday celebrations for immediate family members and relatives include eating seaweed soup to promote health. Growing up in a Korean-American household, my family did not talk and discuss mental health. However, my family showed a lot of verbal and non-verbal affection with one another. This is one kind of culture. Culture is denoted as “a system of values, beliefs, ways of thinking, routines, rituals, and institutions established by a group or population … provides ways of looking at the world … determines patterns of feelings and behavior in everyday life” (Brooks, 2013, p. 34). Two cultural models are used in order to categorize cultures into one group or the other.
Two Cultural Models Individualistic. This is also known as the independent model of social systems. Many cultures in “Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand” (Brooks, 2013, p. 35) use this cultural model. Cultures that follow the individualistic model define self “in terms of personal choices, goals, and achievements. This system is a self- or ego-centric system” (Brooks, 2013, p. 35). The individual’s
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