Different Cultures Cause Miscommunication

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HUE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES ENGLISH DEPARTMENT .................... CROSS- CULTURAL COMMUNICATION Instructor : NGUYEN BACH NGA Group : 8 Student : HO VAN KET Class : ANHSPK10D Student code : 13F7011114 ******* Hue, 2016 ******* TOPIC FOR END-OF-COURSE ASSIGNMENT CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION When people from different cultures communicate, misunderstandings can happen. What are the possible reasons for those misunderstandings and what should people do in order to avoid them and prevent them from turning into cultural conflicts? Please limit your answer to no more than 1200 words. Misunderstanding is a communication phenomenon that we often experience in our life.…show more content…
The third and final reason is non-verbal misinterpretation. Although language is the most obvious barrier in intercultural encounters, non-verbal communication is also known to vary misunderstandings and cultural conflicts. Nonverbal communication expresses meaning or feeling without words. It refers to body language, gestures, touch, and facial expression and so on. The gestures, symbols or body positioning for these phrases often differ across cultures. For instance, in America and some of Europe, the thumbs up sign means that something is good. Meanwhile in Australia, Iran this sign is considered rude, Nigeria’s very offensive. Another gesture’s the "fig", in Turkish, Greek or Dutch culture is a commonly obscene, but this symbol for good luck in Brazilian culture. Steps should also be taken to overcome these problems could be solved by study meaning of non-verbal signals, you should absorb correctly its meanings in each particular country . You should not stereotypically think that all non-verbal communication styles are the same in everywhere. What is more, sharing your cultural norms and learning about those of the sojourner will help you better understand and cope with different nonverbal styles4. To sum up, we know that misunderstandings can happen when we communicate with people from different cultures, so our choice is remedy these misunderstanding so that from misunderstanding to understanding. As I previously mentioned, we will
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