Different Cultures Of The Colonial South

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Three distinct cultures For hundreds of years the colonial South was a mixture of different types of people and cultures. Three distinct cultures influenced and shaped the environment in North America. The three cultures that intermingled had long term effects on one another. The Europeans looking for a better land, they clashed with the Native Americas and they enslaved Africans. In the late sixteenth century England was in a social crisis. The economic growth was unable to keep up with the needs of the population. By the end of the seventeenth century more than half of the population was living below the poverty line (Foner). Europeans were in need of better jobs in the Industrial Revolution and they set sail to North America. Seeking religious freedom and a new land to live and survive, they were determined to find a better way of life. Europeans migrated to North America. The English settlers found out that the land was already occupied by native inhabitants. The English colonist wanted to claim the land for themselves. Because to them land was a source of wealth and power (Foner). The Europeans became friends with the native inhabitants and they both learned from one another. They exchanged knowledge about food. The European taught the natives about cattle, sheep and wheat and the natives taught the Europeans about pumpkin, sweet potatoes and tobacco. Over time this helped to widen both their food sources. The English traded goods with the natives. The natives
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