Different Cultures Same World Analysis

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Different Cultures, Same World Why do people worry or care too much about others? Why do people have a bad habit of judging or assuming who or who a person is just by their look or the way they act in public spaces? Who would be proud to be part of a society who is constantly discrimination others for their race or labeling them by the way they dress or shape their identities. The following tree authors narrate their personal experiences, how they feel being label as different from the society. Myriam Marquez is a Cuban journalist who is a Spanish speaker when it comes to be with her parents. Even though some people may think it is rude to talk a foreign language in public. People in public who don't understand Spanish may get an impression…show more content…
For the third time in two weeks, his son went home crying saying that he didn’t was his hair long anymore he wanted his dad to cut it off because his friends at school where making fun of him Lake-Thom’s culture having a long hair means masculinity, and is a sour of power. For One day when his son and his friend were walking home from school his new friend ask him if he could stay home to play with him my son ask his mother to give him permission. His mother didn’t have any problem to let Wind-Wolf stay at his friend’s house but when they got in to the house the mother of his new friend didn’t agree on Wind-Wolf to spend time at her house she didn’t want her children to spend time with him out of school, because he was Indian and her family is white and she didn’t want her kids to grow up with Indian people. After what happen to Wind-Wolf at her friend’s house he change; For example at home a lot he will refuse to sing their native songs, he was starting to feel ashamed of his culture just because he was feeling that that nobody liked him for being Indian. Lake-Thom wants to introduce his son to the teacher and prove her that in reality Wind-Wolf in not a “slow learner” is just the he has a different way of learning things and different believes about education. Lake-Thom share with the teacher that his son have seven different tribal systems flowing through hid blood; that he…show more content…
Staples is constantly a victim of society by the way he looks he is just one of million people that are victims of racism every day. On day he was walking when he notice that a white lady well dress that was walking in front of him one evening she was trying to maintain a distance between her and Staples. After she was running in earnest. In seconds she disappeared a cross the street. When Staples was in his 22 years old was when he started to know the he had the ability to alter public spaces in ugly
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