Different Cultures That We May Encounter As Therapists

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Thus far in the course we have learned how important it is to have basic knowledge on various cultures that we may encounter as therapists. According to Choudhuri, Santiago-Rivera, & Garrett (2012), culture is defined as the personification of a worldview through learned and transmitted beliefs, religious and spiritual traditions, psychological processes, values, and practices. Moreover, it is a way of life that is shaped by ecological, historical, economic, and political factors on a specific group of people (Choudhur et al., 2012). I have learned culture goes beyond just race and ethnicity. Culture can be seen in the way people dress, the type of food they eat, the medicines they use, their religious practices, the people they chose to…show more content…
In fact, there were only Spanish supermarkets, which are different than a Mexican market, which I was interested to explore. From my understanding, in Philadelphia people of Spanish culture are considered Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other countries of Spanish decent. There are Puerto Rican neighborhoods and Dominican neighborhoods but they all consider themselves part of the same culture, which was interesting to me because in Texas, Mexicans were part of the Mexican culture and Dominicans were a part of the Dominican culture.
In terms of sources, I happened to find two interesting articles exploring cultural components of a Spanish supermarket. The first article I looked at was one that was a study of that what Spanish consumers think about organic food. I choose this article because I was interested in exploring if Spanish food can be healthy or organic. While I was in the market, I saw plenty of vegetables and produce, but I was unsure if there were any organic products. The article explored the view of organic food on the Spanish culture (Vega‐Zamora, Torres‐Ruiz, Murgado‐Armenteros, & Parras‐Rosa, 2014). It was viewed as higher value and more expensive product. Due to this view of organic food, consumption is greatly impacted in the Spanish culture. Similar to the article above, I found another article about Spanish culture and food,
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