Different Definitions Of A Team

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A team is a group of people who come together to work together. The purpose of them working together is that they share a common goal. There are many different definitions of a team. “The essence of a team is shared commitment. Without it groups perform as individuals; with it, they become a powerful unit of collective performance.” (hbr.org) A place that I have witnessed people working as part of a team in the social care sector is in a nursery where I used to work. The nursery as a whole worked together to give the children the best care that we could provide. Within the Nursery was a Manager, two Senior Nursery Nurses, three nursery nurses and three child support works. The manager who would tell us what we were doing including giving us clear roles so we knew what we were doing and there was no confusion in what was expected by us. I believe that we all as a part of the team were committed to giving the children the best care available but also a commitment to each other as we never wanted to let each other down. For example we wouldn’t take unnecessary days off because we knew that this would put pressure on the other staff as we would need to look after other children or someone would need to come in on their day off or the manager would have to do their part which put the whole organisation under pressure. We would often have team meetings where we would discuss what we thought was going well and what wasn’t and what we could do to overcome this. This could include
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