Different Definitions Of Leadership And Leadership

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Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individual to achieve a common goal (pp5). However, there are many different definitions of leadership as there are people who have tried to define it because the word can have different meaning for different people. Leadership is similar to the management in many ways because they both involve influence, concerned with effective goal and work with people. Leadership helps to produce change and movement by establishing direction, such as creating the vision, clarifying big picture and set strategies. Similarly, it helps aligning people along with motivating and inspiring them (12)
Women in Leadership:
According to Sigmund Freud, when you meet a human being, the first distinction you make is "male or female?" and you are accustomed to make the distinction with unhesitating certainty. A consideration of the effects of gender in leadership has important implication for a comprehensive understanding of leadership. The increasing number of women leadership has brought changes in the American society. There are lots of woman leader in corporate and political leadership roles these days, but still we can hear people saying “Can women lead?”.. We can point the highly effective female leaders including former prime ministers such as Benazir Bhutto ( Pakistan), Margaret Thatcher (UK), GroMarlem Brundtland (Norway) and Indira Gandhi (India). Similarly the current women leaders are Chancellor Angela…
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