Different Definitions Of Organizational Culture

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There are multiple definitions of Organizational Culture. Hofstede (1998) defines organizational culture as "the Collective Programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one organization from another" (p. 238). Generally, Cultures affect the different aspects of life. Businesses are one of the economic fields that affected by cultures. The culture usually reflected on HRM in organizations. The managers of HR in different enterprises take into consideration the cultural variations. Incentives as well is one of the variables that affected by culture. The culture affects the method of the introduction of incentives and the management level that accept these incentives according to the business structure (Al-Ghonaim, 2005). In developing countries, incentives are considered correct human management behaviour that improves the business performance. In some other countries the incentives did not affect the performance of business. In these countries the wages and the other advantages gained by the employee through the contract is considered the major incentives to improve performance and quality of work (Al-Nsour, 2012). Saudi Arabia, the cultural factor highly affects the incentive systems. Saudi Arabia is known as an oil country. Most Saudi Arabia citizens join positions with high wages. The style of their life makes their care for wages less than the employees of other nationalities. The evaluation of the effect of incentive polices is still in shortage in Saudi
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