Different Definitions Of The Word Family

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There are a multitude of different definitions of the word “family”. There is not a set definition of what a family must look like, or how a family should behave. When it comes to families there is only one thing that truly matters, and that is love. Whether it is a non-traditional family, such as a single-parent, gay or lesbian, or a cohabiting, or the stereotypical “traditional” family of a married man and woman with a few biological children, the members themselves are not the what matters when it comes to families. A family is determined, not by color, size, marital status, or sexual orientation, but by the love the members have for one another. In my opinion, I have an incredibly undiverse family; at least, initially, I thought I did. However, as I think about it more deeply, I realize there are aspects of my family that make it incredibly unique from someone else’s. I have three aunts; one of them is happily married to her husband and their only child, a son, is enrolled in college and engaged-to-be-married, the other is a recently divorced pastor with three children, and my last aunt is a (seemingly) happy and single fifty-year-old woman. Diversity is always present within a family, it just might not be as easily detectable as an adopted sibling, gay parents, or a mixed race family. The fact that my parents have been married for over twenty years could also be considered incredibly impressive and rare, especially in the divorce laden world we live in. The…
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