Different Dimensions Of The Concept Of Citizenship

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Different dimensions of the concept of citizenship have been addressed in various discourses. For instance citizenship in the context of nationhood or other it has a political connotation to it. Citizenship has different definition and dimension, however, citizenship also connotes the ideals of duties and rights that each member of a political society plays towards their state or nation. Moreover, citizenship also expresses the ideals of patriotism, nationality and or suffrage (Matheson, 22). In Britain, discussion on citizenship has been modelled based on T.H, Marshall, who defined citizenship in terms of three parts or components of rights; political rights, civil or legal rights and social rights. “Civil or legal rights are institutionalized through the law and include things such as the right to own property; freedom of speech, thought and faith; liberty of the person and the right to justice” (22). On the other hand, political rights as defined by Marshall refers to the institutionalization of the parliamentary political system and the councils of local government and include the right to vote and participate in the exercise of political power” (Matherson, 22). In regards to social rights, citizenship involves the responsibility of the government to provide certain level of economic welfare and social services to a member of a political state.
However, in regards to sexuality and citizenship this brings about the rights and status accorded to one as a citizen of a…
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