Different Disciplines Of Sports And Exercise Essay

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Different disciplines are kept in check by different governing bodies. These governing bodies make sure practitioners are correct in practice and state what they can and cannot do. There are many different disciplines within sport and exercise science and they all have different approaches to improve sporting performance and health. Governing body’s reason for existence is to set out policies and rules within an institution to make sure practitioners are morally ethically and legally correct. Governing bodies may be statutory; this means that their policies must be followed as it is a legal requirement. If these procedures are not followed than the practitioner can be disqualified from practice or can be sued or possible jailed. There are many different governing bodies for different disciplines. BASEM (British association of sport and exercise medicine) is one governing body and covers multi disciplines of doctors and health care professionals. The Association aims to help support and educate to all healthcare professionals who are involved in looking after athletes and individuals competing, or aspiring to compete, regular physical activity at all levels. Adapted from (www.basem.co.uk). Another governing body is BASES (the British association of sport and exercise science) whose role is to promote excellence in sport and exercise sciences (www.bases.org.uk). The three main disciplines Bases cover is biomechanics, physiology and psychology. One more governing body is
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